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How To Care For Fish Fry?

1. Sensible Equipping Of Fry Breeding large-sized fry in autumn is a key point of just how to enhance survival rate of fry over winter season. According to the conditions of water surface area, water level as well as other problems, equipping sensibly according to the actual situation to advertise the development of fry. In…

Biomass pellet mill for sale countryside

Why the biomass pellet mill will change the pattern of the countryside? Biomass pellet mills enable farmers to change their energy sources, thus reducing the remaining energy, thus reducing capital outflow; the collection and supply of biomass feedstocks can create jobs and bring substantial direct benefits to villages and towns. Biomass fuel pellet machine is…

Comparison of different organic fertilizer pellet mill

1. Comparison of different organic fertilizer pellet mill (1) Disc organic fertilizer pellet mill The disc organic fertilizer pellet mill has the following advantages: high spheroidization rate, high rounded particle strength, intuitive operation, convenient maintenance, etc. The working principle of RICHI organic fertilizer pellet making machine: pre-adding water to form a ball-type full-disk ball-forming method….