Biomass pellet mill for sale countryside

Why the biomass pellet mill will change the pattern of the countryside? Biomass pellet mills enable farmers to change their energy sources, thus reducing the remaining energy, thus reducing capital outflow; the collection and supply of biomass feedstocks can create jobs and bring substantial direct benefits to villages and towns.

Biomass fuel pellet machine is a pellet machine equipment that mainly uses birch, poplar, fruit tree, crop straw, eucalyptus, pine, bamboo chips, etc. to be crushed into sawdust chaff and processed into biomass fuel.

The pellet fuel processed by biomass pellet mill machine is a new source of bio-energy. It can replace firewood, coal, gasoline, liquefied natural gas, etc. , industrial boilers, fired power plants, etc. Because of its easy collection of raw materials, the biomass pellet function can be widely used.

Because the raw materials are very cheap, the sale price of finished fuels is also relatively cheap. The biomass pellet mill is a new type of mechanical equipment produced in response to the national environmental protection regeneration policy.

The sulfur content and ash content of biomass fuel pellets are far less than those of coal, and the combustion temperature is also lower. Instead of coal, it can reduce sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and ash. Therefore, biomass pellet mill can not only improve the village It can also reduce the stacking and transportation of ash and slag, which is conducive to improving the pattern and appearance of villages and towns.

RICHI Machinery has covered more than 109 countries and regions around the world from 1995, products are exported to the Middle East, South America, Africa, Southeast Asia and high-end markets such as Europe and the United States. RICHI have done the following biomass pellet mill cases:

  • 1-2T/H biomass pellet mill for sale Brazil,
  • 2-2.5T/H biomass pellet mill for sale Romania,
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  • 2-3T/H biomass pellet mill for sale Poland,
  • 10T/H biomass pellet mill for sale USA,
  • 5T/H biomass pellet mill for sale Austria,
  • 2-2.5T/H biomass pellet mill for sale Australia,
  • 2-3T/H biomass pellet mill for sale Indonesia,
  • 1-2T/H biomass pellet mill for sale Malaysia,
  • 2T/H biomass pellet mill for sale Thailand,
  • 2-2.5T/H biomass pellet mill for sale Netherlands,
Biomass pellet mill for sale

1. Detailed analysis of biomass energy

Biomass heating is green, low-carbon, economical and environmentally friendly, and is an important clean heating method. Many countries’ crop straw, agricultural product processing residues, forestry residues and other resources are relatively rich. The development of biomass heating according to local conditions can provide clean heating for qualified counties, towns with concentrated population, and rural areas in non-key air pollution prevention and control areas. It has good environmental benefits and comprehensive benefits.

The raw materials required for the production of biofuels include crop straw, forestry processing residues, livestock and poultry manure, organic waste water residues from the food processing industry, municipal waste, and low-quality land to grow various energy plants.

At present, crop straw is the main raw material for biofuel production by biomass pellet mill. Many countries are large agricultural country, and the supply of crop straw is relatively sufficient.

With the acceleration of urbanization, the amount of urban waste in many countries has increased rapidly. The increase in municipal waste has provided abundant raw materials for the biofuel industry and helped the development of the industry.

With the improvement of living standards, my country’s food processing industry has developed rapidly. The rapid development of the food processing industry has brought a large amount of organic waste water and residue, which has promoted the further development of the biofuel industry.

Agricultural and forestry biomass pellet fuel is made by processing the above wastes and other solid wastes through biomass crushers, biomass pulverizers, dryers, biomass pellet mill, coolers, balers, etc.

Biomass fuel pellets, made by biomass pellets making machine as a new type of pellet fuel, have won wide recognition for its unique advantages; compared with traditional fuels, it has not only economic advantages but also environmental benefits, fully meeting the requirements of sustainable development.

(1)First of all, due to the shape of pellets, the volume is compressed, the storage space is saved, and the transportation is also convenient, which reduces the transportation cost.

(2)Secondly, the combustion efficiency is high, it is easy to burn out, and the residual carbon content is small. Compared with coal, it has high volatile content and low ignition point, which is easy to ignite; the density is increased, the energy density is large, and the combustion duration is greatly increased, which can be directly applied to coal-fired boilers.

(3)In addition, when biomass pellets made by biomass pellet mill are burned, the content of harmful gas components is extremely low, and the emission of harmful gases is small, which has environmental protection benefits. And the ash after burning can also be used directly as potash fertilizer, which saves money.

Accelerate the development of biomass boilers fueled by biomass fuel pellets and biomass gas for heating, build a distributed green, low-carbon, clean and environmentally friendly heating system, directly replace fossil energy heating on the consumption side, and provide long-term sustainable, affordable. The government subsidizes heating and gas supply services with low burden, effectively protects the urban and rural environment, responds to air pollution, and promotes the construction of ecological civilization.

2. The biofuel market will continue to hit a new high in 2022

According to a survey report by Pike Research Institute, the global biofuel market will expand from the current US$100 billion to US$280 billion in 2022.

The report predicts that an increasing number of countries will increase biofuel consumption and increase productivity from improved second-generation feedstocks, which will increase the biofuel market share worldwide. The annual growth rate of biofuels made by biomass pellet machine is expected to reach 15% between 2009 and 2022. Ultimately, traditional biofuels will face stiff competition from newer biofuels, such as alternative renewables such as diesel and green gasoline.

With the continuous research and development of new microorganisms and new biofuels and the global requirements for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it is inevitable that biofuels will be favored, and the main factors affecting the development of biofuels are raw materials, production capacity and biomass pellet mill, but the future of biofuels is still bright.

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