Comparison of different organic fertilizer pellet mill

1. Comparison of different organic fertilizer pellet mill

(1) Disc organic fertilizer pellet mill

The disc organic fertilizer pellet mill has the following advantages: high spheroidization rate, high rounded particle strength, intuitive operation, convenient maintenance, etc.

The working principle of RICHI organic fertilizer pellet making machine: pre-adding water to form a ball-type full-disk ball-forming method. The raw meal powder is evenly wetted by the atomized water in the double-shaft mixer to form a ball core with a very uniform particle size, which is then sent to the ball-forming tray for ball-forming.

The moisture content of the feed ball should be controlled at 12-14%. Most of the water should be added in the double-shaft mixer, and only a small amount of supplemental water should be added to the ball-forming tray, and the supplementary water amount should be controlled at about 0 to 3%.

The dry powder granulation is directly added to the ball-forming disc, and sprayed with appropriate amount of water. After the raw material ball core enters the ball-forming disc, it moves along a parabola under the action of centrifugal force, frictional force and gravity in the disc. Due to the cohesiveness and plasticity of the material, the ball cores stick to each other and grow gradually during the movement.

When the inclination angle of the ball-forming disk, the height of the disk edge, the rotational speed and the moisture content are constant, the material balls with different particle sizes will roll down from the edge of the disk according to different detachment angles due to different gravity.

During the organic fertilizer pellet making machine continuous rolling process of the material ball, the water in the ball is continuously extruded out of the surface. Due to the cohesiveness of the material and the natural volatilization of the liquid film on the surface, the material ball has a certain strength. The edge of the pan is drained out of the pan.

(2) Tooth organic fertilizer pellet mill

Because the internal structure of the new organic fertilizer organic fertilizer pellet mill is a spiral stirring tooth structure, it is also called a stirring tooth organic fertilizer pellet mill. It uses the mechanical stirring force of high-speed rotation and the resulting aerodynamic force to continuously realize the mixing of fine powder materials in the machine.

Granulation, spheroidization, densification and other processes, so as to achieve the purpose of granulation. The particle shape is spherical, the sphericity is 0., the particle size is generally between 0.3-3 mm, and the granulation rate is 90%. The size of the particle diameter can be properly adjusted by the material mixing amount and the spindle speed.

Generally, the lower the mixing amount, the faster the speed. higher, the smaller the particles, and vice versa. Scope of application: This machine is especially suitable for the granulation of light and fine powder materials.

The finer the basic particles of the fine powder material, the higher the sphericity of the particles and the better the quality of the ball. It is generally required that the particle size of the material before granulation should be less than 200 mesh.

Typical application materials: chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, carbon black, clay, kaolin, etc. It is specially used for granulating organic fermented fertilizers with organic fertilizer raw materials such as livestock and poultry manure, composting fertilizers, green manures, sea fertilizers, cake fertilizers, peat, soil and miscellaneous fertilizers, three wastes, microorganisms, etc. , the particles are spherulites.

The qualified granulation rate of this organic fertilizer pellet mill is as high as 80-90%, and it is suitable for a variety of different formulas. The compressive strength of organic fertilizer is higher than that of discs and drums, the rate of large balls is lower than 15%, and the uniformity of particle size can be passed according to user requirements. The organic fertilizer pellet mill has stepless speed regulation function adjustment.

This organic fertilizer pellet mill is most suitable for direct granulation of organic fertilizer after fermentation, which saves the drying process and greatly reduces the manufacturing cost.

organic fertilizer pellet mill

2. Is price important or after-sale?

For organic fertilizer pellet mill, is price important or after-sales important?

Why do you say that the cost of organic fertilizer machine is not as important as after-sales? This is well-founded. It can be said that among the organic fertilizer pellet mill, the price of organic fertilizer making machine is quite low. It is no longer a device that needs to be reconsidered. Some buyers are like buying vegetables.

As long as the price is low, they will buy it back. But, have you ever thought that if you only consider the price, you may go back to a pile of scrap iron. If you encounter some irresponsible manufacturers, you can only say that you spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy scrap iron of one or two thousand dollars.

In addition, buying organic fertilizer pellet mill is to make it economical for us. So if you want to bring economic benefits, the investment cost must be controlled, and the control of the investment cost must be controlled not only by the purchase cost, but also by the use cost and maintenance cost.

And here is the after-sales service of the organic fertilizer pellet mill manufacturer. If a manufacturer is not responsible, the equipment sold will be ignored. Of course, the manufacturer will charge a very low price. If the organic fertilizer pellet mill manufacturer has very good after-sales service, manufacturers need to solve regularly problems in time.

 These are also key factors in determining the ex-factory price of organic fertilizer pellet mill. After all, manufacturers know their own equipment best, and if there is a fault, they will definitely solve the problem quickly and accurately.

There is also the provision of high-quality accessories in the later period, which is also very important, because the organic fertilizer pellet mill accessories will be run-in after being manufactured, so that they can be directly used when installed in the equipment, and can be as durable as the parts in the original equipment.

Therefore, the price of organic fertilizer pellet mill equipment is not the final decisive factor in deciding whether to buy or not, and after-sales service is the most important.

3. Maintenance skills of organic fertilizer pellet mill

Organic fertilizer pellet mill manufacturers teach you maintenance skills:

(1) For organic fertilizer pellet mill machines and tools parked in the open air, the walking wheels, headers, etc. must be set off the ground first, and must not be in contact with the soil. For those parts that are prone to deformation, they should be flattened or erected to eliminate the factors that cause deformation, and the springs supported by springs should be loosened.

(2) Clean the dirt and sundries on the outside of the organic fertilizer pellet mill machine; clean and lubricate all the bearings; paint the friction surfaces such as moldboards, disc targets, rotary tiller blades, openers, etc. with paint, black oil and waste oil. Wait for anti-corrosion coating.

(3) Parts that are easy to rust or damage, especially the more expensive parts, such as magneto, electric motor, cutter, seed pipe, opener, conveyor belt, transmission chain, etc., should be removed and stored indoors, and according to the organic fertilizer pellet mill categories are separated to prevent deformation or damage caused by squeezing each other.

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