Importance Of Maintenance Of Wood Pellet Mill

The maintenance of the sawdust wood pellet mill is actually very important. Good maintenance can not only increase the output but also prolong the service life of the woo pellet machine. How to maintain the wood pellet machine? In fact, the maintenance of mechanical equipment is nothing more than regular inspection and regular replacement of useless parts, and it is not very tiring, but because it is a bit cumbersome, most people will find it troublesome and reluctant to do it.

In fact, scientific and effective maintenance methods can make the wood pellet mill machine run at high quality, thereby increasing the output. It only takes some time for maintenance to achieve unpredictable results. Why not do it?

A good wood pellet mill needs to cooperate with scientific maintenance work to ensure long-term high-performance and barrier-free operation, which can maintain the performance of the equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment, so as to better create more opportunities for users. profit. So how should the wood pellet machine be maintained? The scientific method should be to maintain once every six months and one month, and once every six months for major maintenance. The maintenance of the wood pellet mill is very important, and it is absolutely impossible to nurse this important link.

The general maintenance of the sawdust wood pellet mill does not require much money. Generally, it is just simple oil injection, firmness of the bolts, and clearance adjustment. Maintenance causes damage to the wood pellet equipment. Our company will provide all users with detailed pellet machine use and maintenance procedures, and our after-sales personnel will train customers’ staff and provide detailed knowledge of pellet machines, so that customers have no worries.

The maintenance of the wood pellet mill focuses on long-term stability and unremitting efforts, and may not see any effect in a short period of time, but after a long-term comparison, it will be found that the effect of this maintenance and no maintenance is completely different. So now those friends who are using the wood pellet press machine, take a little time to do a regular maintenance, which is beneficial to the wood pellet machine and your own income.

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1.Maintenance details of the press roller

When it comes to biomass wood pellet mill, everyone knows that there are many wearing parts, including molds, pressure rollers, bearings, etc., but the most easily worn is the pressure roller bearing. In fact, the normal life of the biomass pellet machine pressure roller bearing another 600-800 hours, but many customers need to replace it after 300-400 hours, and some even need to replace it after 200-300 hours. The main reasons for this are maintenance and oiling.

Due to the harsh environment of the granulating room where the roller bearing is located, the dust in the granulating room will inevitably enter the bearing. Too much dust in the bearing will reduce the contact surface between the butter and the bearing, and cannot be lubricated by the butter. In this case, no matter how much butter is injected, it is all-match. At this time, the bearing needs to be taken out and cleaned. However, many biomass pellet machine users are reluctant to clean the bearing because it is too troublesome to clean the bearing, which shortens the life of the roller bearing.

In addition to the maintenance factor, there is also the oil injection of the bearing. Since the mold and the pressure roller are pressed against each other, a high temperature will be generated, and this temperature will be transferred to the pressure roller bearing instantaneously.

The general bearing temperature of the wood pellet mill pelletizing chamber should be at least At a high temperature of about 120 degrees, the roller bearings in the granulation chamber must be filled with butter. Of course, except for a few external bearings, this kind of butter is not ordinary butter, but high-temperature butter that can withstand more than 200 degrees. The butter injected by the customer cannot withstand high temperature, or the quality of the butter is too poor, which will lead to poor bearing lubrication effect, and ultimately lead to a greatly shortened bearing life. If the butter is injected too much, it will lead to poor air permeability and poor heat dissipation of the bearing, and the continuous high temperature can not be dissipated, which is also the reason for the short bearing life.

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2.How should pellets from wood pellet mill be placed?


Everyone knows that biomass wood pellet mill machines loosen when they encounter humidity, which can affect combustion results. The air contains moisture, especially in the rainy season, the air humidity is higher, and the storage of particles is more unfavorable. Therefore, when purchasing, buy biomass fuel pellets packaged in moisture-proof packaging. This can also play a certain role in protecting the wood pellet mill. If you want to save the purchase of ordinary packaged biomass fuel pellets, when storing, the biomass fuel pellet machine cannot be stored in the open air. We have to know that straw pellets will loosen in about 10% water, so we have to make sure that the room where we store it is dry and free of moisture.


Everyone knows that biomass wood pellet mill are used for fuel. They are flammable and cannot catch fire. This problem requires attention, not to cause disaster due to improper placement. After purchasing biomass fuel pellets, do not build up around the boiler. You should have someone responsible. Check from time to time for safety hazards. In addition, warehouses should be equipped with fire-fighting equipment. This is a very necessary point, we must have this sense of urgency.

The fuel of the biomass fuel wood pellet mill has a high calorific value and is a high-tech environmentally friendly product that can replace fossil energy.

Biomass fuel pellet fuel can replace existing coal, oil, natural gas, electricity and other chemical energy and secondary energy energy, and provide system engineering energy for industrial steam boilers, hot water boilers, indoor heating fireplaces, etc.

Under the premise of existing energy saving, the energy consumption cost per unit of use can be reduced by more than 30%.

Biomass fuel pellets, as a new type of pellet fuel, made by wood pellet mill, have won wide recognition for their advantages. Compared with traditional fuels, it not only has economic advantages, but also has environmental benefits, which fully meet the requirements of sustainable development.

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